"And every man's augury have We fastened to his own neck, and We shall bring forth for him on the Day of Resurrection a book which he will find wide open. (And it will be said unto him): Read your Book. Your soul sufficeth as reckoner against you this day. " (17:13-14)

"And the Book is placed, and you see the guilty fearful of that which is therein, and they say: What kind of a Book is this that leaves not a small thing nor a great thing but has counted it! And they find all that they did confronting them, and your God wrongs no one." (18:49)

"Moreover, there are two scribes, one each sitting on the right and the left, recording everything. He utters not a word, but there is a vigilant watcher at hand." (50:17-18)

"Lo! there are above you guardians, Noble and recording, Who know (all) that ye do." (82:10-12)

Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) once said, “The (scribe) on the left hand raises his pen (i.e., delays writing) for six hours (this may refer to six hours of 60 minutes as measured by astronomers, or it may refer to short periods of time during the day or night) before he records the sinful deed of a Muslim. If [the Muslim] regrets it and seeks God’s forgiveness, the deed is not recorded, otherwise it is recorded as one deed.” A further respite is granted after the deed has been recorded; up until the moment before death approaches, one is able to repent and ask for forgiveness.